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Design & Specification

iDwala provides Design & Specification of sports facilities to a range of local government and private clients across Victoria and southern NSW.

iDwala specialises in:

We specialise in both acrylic and synthetic grass sports surfaces.

iDwala has the advantage that it has the engineering qualifications with practical experience, to be able to produce a design that is practical, economical and structured to provide a high-quality facility with appropriate pavement design for the local conditions.

With our practical experience combined with technical knowledge, understanding of geological conditions and reports, understanding levels and ability to undertake surveys with years of building pavements, demonstrates our skill and ability to provide a detailed quality design for each unique facility. This is supported by a comprehensive Technical Specification that includes both the required drawings and specific information to comply to all relevant Australian standards, inclusive of international standards and regulations.

We are more than happy to meet you onsite, wherever that might be, to assist you with your next project.

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Pickleball is a game that has originated in Seattle during 1965. The game has over the years grown in popularity and is growing worldwide at an exponential rate.

The game is popular with the older generation, tennis players, squash and table tennis players. It is a great sport to introduce to kids and for use at schools.

The court size is the same as a Badminton court and can be played indoors and outdoors

iDwala can assist you with the technical information and design of Pickleball courts.

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