What We Do

Sports Construction

iDwala has been involved for over 25 years in the civil construction industry, and for the last few years specialising in the construction of sports facilities. With the ability to design sports courts, iDwala are in a position where we have the specific knowledge in how to construct a sports facility to the required standards and tolerances required by each individual sporting body.

iDwala has formed relationships with a small selected group of contractors, with each one a specialist in their field being acrylics, fencing to sports lighting. Each contractor has been involved in the sports industry ranging from 40 years to no less than 10 years.

Each contractor has been chosen for the quality of workmanship delivered and their highly professional approach to management of the contract, and specifically in dealing with our clients and respective stakeholders.

As a group we understand each other’s responsibilities and sequence of work, ensuring that the work is happening at an efficient rate, but at high quality. Each one of us, including our contractors take pride in their work.

In addition to the provision of detailed designs, iDwala is also in a position to undertake the construction, proving a one stop shop.

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