iDwala are frequently engaged to provide technical advice about existing sports facilities and pavements, as well as new sites to assess their suitability for newly proposed facilities and infrastructure. Whether the site in question relates to acrylic courts, synthetic grass or EPDM based athletic facilities, iDwala are happy to meet clients out on site to inspect the area providing detailed and professional technical advice you can trust.


Technical advice concerning sites under consideration for new sports facility development and associated infrastructure will detail the type of pavement options and civil works required and what, if any, additional infrastructure may be needed. Considerations for how the space might be developed into a multi-purpose facility to maximise sporting activities for the community, may also be discussed. This can create new revenue streams and appeal to a broader user group within your community.


Technical advice concerning existing facilities focuses on the current pavement conditions, surface performance and playability, issues such as pavement or surface cracking, maintenance requirements, and potential remedial action that can be undertaken to prolong the life of the surface until such time funding has been secured for a partial or full reconstruction.

With the correct technical advice, iDwala clients successfully prolong the use of their sporting facilities by implementing proven solutions to address and mitigate any safety or playability issues that may have arisen over time.